Chain Business Connectivity

Achieving low cost yet high-quality interconnectivity between chain stores.

Why this Solution?

A large chain business often has hundreds even thousands of outlets all over the country. Due to uneven network access quality, limited IT capability and high costs, the network management of large chain businesses tend to be unorganized. Network quality of branches cannot support access to headquarter applications.


LightWAN can build a network of high availability for chain businesses that want to keep costs low. Chain businesses can enjoy a supreme access experience at a competitive cost, allowing branches at different places to access headquarter applications easily.

Solution Scheme for Chain Businesses


No requirement for customers' IT capacity
Convenient access via existing branch network
In-time response to business needs
IPSec encryption to ensure full security for data transmission
Real-time monitoring of access quality and device status


Deliver stable, secure, flexible and fast SD-WAN service globally.