Office 365 Access Optimization

Improving user experience with Office 365 to increase productivity.

Why this Solution?

Normally, enterprises access Office 365 by connecting to Microsoft Azure over expensive MPLS links or the Internet.

However, the problems are that:

  1. Only a small number of MPLS network providers provide ExpressRoute for Office 365;
  2. ExpressRoute service is now not available in China;
  3. MPLS is quite expensive;
  4. It takes a long time to build MPLS architecture and during this period WAN optimization devices cannot be deployed;
  5. Access via the Internet is cost-saving but network congestion happens frequently.

Under such a circumstance, enterprises need to find a better solution to access Office 365, a next-generation access optimization solution that can be quickly deployed and is more compatible with cloud and SaaS applications.


With the deployment of LightWAN CPE devices in user's network, traffic accessing Office 365 can be redirected to LightWAN core network. Also, users can install Mobile CPE on mobile devices to optimize access to Office 365.


WAN optimization technology for improved experience
Smart path selection and dynamic access
Rapid and flexible deployment
Better global network coverage than IPLS and MPLS
More stable and better application performance than using Internet links
Multiple domestic access points


Deliver stable, secure, flexible and fast SD-WAN service globally.