Video Conferencing

Optimizing video conferencing for businesses to increase efficiency.

Why this Solution?

As a real-time service, video conferencing has extremely high requirements for link quality. Video conferencing using Internet links may encounter such issues as buffering, blurred images, mosaics, and audio and video out of sync. Even with dedicated lines, video conferencing fluency cannot be fully guaranteed. When it comes to long-distance transmission, the situation may be even worse.


By deploying LightWAN CPE devices (covering both MCU and video terminals) in the branch networks, the video conferencing traffic at both ends can be redirected to the LightWAN core network, thereby significantly improving transmission efficiency and stability. Also, users can also install Mobile CPE on mobile devices to optimize video conferencing.

Solution Scheme for Video Conferencing


LTT technology for conferencing optimization
Cloud-based video conferencing supported
Centralized management, intelligent monitoring and scheduling
Rapid deployment of hardware and software


Deliver stable, secure, flexible and fast SD-WAN service globally.