LightWAN Enterprise Networking

Delivering a fast, stable, flexible and cost-saving enterprise networking solution to improve the performance of video conferencing, data synchronization, email delivery and other enterprise-grade applications and services.

Use Scenarios

Interconnection of Multiple Sites
Mobile Office


Through VPN connection between the LightWAN CPE at headquarter/branch offices and the closest LightWAN POP, the intranet of different office sites can be interconnected with LightWAN core network. For mobile access, users can access LightWAN with client installed on mobile devices.


End-to-end LTT and WAN optimization & IPSec encryption
Ensured high-availability access via redundancy of Internet links
Centralized management, intelligent monitoring and scheduling
Multiple access modes (CPE, virtual CPE and Software)
Rapid and flexible deployment (step-by-step implementation)


Deliver stable, secure, flexible and fast SD-WAN service globally.