Gaming Optimization

Helping game providers and broadband service providers to improve players' gaming experience.

Why this Solution?

As gaming is getting increasingly popular, the importance of gaming experience has become obvious for relevant businesses. However, network quality varies in countries and regions. Poor gaming experience caused by latency and packet loss will make game providers and broadband service providers suffer great loss.


In the scenario when a player chooses an overseas server, the carrier and the game provider only need to redirect the game's traffic to the LightWAN core network. Then, the LightWAN console will, based on the location of the destination server, select routes and links smartly, bringing the player supreme gaming experience.

Solution Scheme for Carrier
Solution Scheme for Game Providers


Easy to deploy
Fast and fluent gameplay
Supreme gaming experience
Customized optimization
Multiple access points


Deliver stable, secure, flexible and fast SD-WAN service globally.